Slow Down and Savor Life in Mamma Agata’s Kitchen

Mamma Agata's Kitchen Culinary Tours Delectable Destinations Carol KetelsonMamma Agata’s Kitchen Culinary Tours: Ever since I first set foot into the warm Italian kitchen of Mamma Agata in Ravello, I knew it was a place I would never stop revisiting. When I am back home, I never tire of going through my photos of their terraced gardens, enchanted outdoor dining room, and the many people who make Amalfi’s hidden treasure a reality.

It is true what they say- somethings never get old.

It was Mamma Agata’s kitchen, and the tireless spirit of her daughter Chiara, that convinced me to bring people to experience a true Italian cooking school. First I brought my friends and family, then I opened the possibility to everyone who loves good food and good times.

It is the reason I began my luxury travel business years ago and never looked back.

Enjoying our cooking class at Mamma Agata's Kitchen Culinary Tours Delectable Destinations Carol Ketelson

This trip especially has made me look back on the journey back to to the Old Country that I take twice a year, because I see how these trips have changed people’s lives. It is something that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. I still hear from people that visited with me years ago and mention they will never forget how wonderful their experience was, on the Amalfi Coast with Delectable Destinations.

Mamma Agata, Chiara, Gennaro, Salvatore, Paola, and Mario welcome me and my guests into their home, as though we are extended family returning back for a visit.

At the end of every tour, I ask my clients about their most memorable experience, and they always say “cooking with Mamma Agata.”

Farmer's Spaghetti at Mamma Agata's Cooking School on the Amalfi Coast - Mamma Agata's Kitchen Culinary Tours Delectable Destinations Carol Ketelson

We cook, eat, explore, and listen, filling our minds with that intangible part of Italian cooking, the love that goes into every dish. Even in the way we learn to handle the garlic, another essential element of cucina italiana, slowly and with respect, we learn a lesson the family lives by- slow down, take the time to savor the precious moments in cooking and in life.

Views from the terrace at Mamma Agata's Cooking School, Ravello, Amalfi Coast - Mamma Agata's Kitchen Culinary Tours Delectable Destinations Carol Ketelson

It’s a phrase we get to know intimately in Italy- piano, piano- slowly, slowly. It’s a good mantra for daily life, when things go too fast for comfort. Infuse the oil with garlic; take a moment to see the beauty around you. Keep it simple, keep it genuine.

Check back next week for another Delectable Destinations adventure in Italy.

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