Festive Denmark

Trip Dates

November 14 – 21, 2025

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Experience the Magic of a Danish Christmas

Embrace the enchanting Danish winter with our festive journey through the heartwarming traditions of Christmas. In Denmark, where winter nights are long and dark, the yuletide season brings forth a magical transformation. Picture thousands of twinkling lights piercing the darkness, joyous festivities, delightful Christmas delicacies, and a unique sense of coziness known as “hygge”.

Ever since the Viking Age, Danes have celebrated winter to illuminate the dark months, creating a tradition that holds a special place in their culture. Join our festive expedition to dive into century-old Christmas food traditions, explore numerous smaller markets scattered across the country, and be captivated by the cozy atmosphere of vibrant Copenhagen and a small island preserving an authentic and romantic Christmas spirit. Come and join the peak of the hygge season!

Embrace the Christmas spirit the Danish way

Get excited for a week filled with extraordinary Christmas gastronomy, as indulging in festive food and drink is a quintessential Danish Christmas tradition. Sample a myriad of delights, from sweet delicacies and schnapps to hearty traditional Christmas dishes, innovative Nordic cuisine, marinated herring, pickled vegetables, marzipan, rice pudding with cherry sauce, and locally brewed Christmas beer and mulled wine – an exquisite journey for your taste buds!

Indulge in Danish Christmas history & food rituals

Learn why Danes hide an almond in their rice pudding, the significance of dancing around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, and how ancient yuletide celebrations continue to influence modern traditions. Deepen your understanding of Danish Christmas culture as we explore the intricacies of the Danes' relationship with the church and Christianity.

Dive into Denmark’s Christmas markets

Discover lesser-known and charming Christmas markets in a small eighteenth-century town on Funen Island. Stroll through cobbled streets, find unique Christmas presents, and immerse yourself in the authentic festive atmosphere.

Denmark, with its festive charm, delectable Christmas traditions, and enchanting landscapes, is poised to captivate your senses and create lasting memories. Prepare for a holiday adventure that offers more than just delightful Christmas markets, mouthwatering cuisine, and the warmth of Danish hospitality—immerse yourself in the very essence of hygge, making you yearn for the next enchanting visit!

Delectable Destinations offers carefully planned itineraries that include a wonderful mix of
culture, history, luxury, and beauty while you indulge your culinary palate with fine food and
wine. Reveling in delectable Denmark at Christmas means getting to know the storied streets, the
cutting-edge approach to cuisine and the classic holiday dishes that make this Nordic nation so

This exclusive culinary and cultural tour is curated by the expert team at Delectable Destinations,
offering you the opportunity to partake in a full range of activities from homemade schnapps
workshops with a Michelin rated Chef, to a hands-on Nordic Cuisine cooking class, and a food &
cultural walking tour with a local guide. We’ll be diving into the stories behind Danish
Christmas traditions, and sampling local holiday favorites.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

I have been traveling around the world for the last fifty years. My trip with Delectable Destinations to Denmark is one of my absolute favorites
Mary Ann A.
Canaan, NY
Wintertime in Denmark was truly the magical experience that was promised!
Laura A.
Chicopee, MA


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