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From where we write today on the “other side of the pond” from Europe, we’d be willing to guess that Denmark isn’t high on the list when you think of European culinary destinations. Part of Delectable Destinations’ ethos is that alongside commonly trodden paths, we also curate trips to less/undiscovered regions, notably those whose culinary scene has been overlooked. If you’re interested in a gem of a destination that’s experienced a major culinary renaissance in recent years, look no further than the Nordic country of Denmark. While this northern European country’s transformation into a culinary attraction may be more current than, say, Italy, it is all the richer for it. A crop of fresh, talented chefs put its cities on the map, and the calibre of Cophenhagen’s restaurants has reportedly become one of the leading reasons people visit in the first place. You’ll find dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants here, including the famous Noma named World’s Best Restaurant four times. Besides, Denmark’s rich Viking and cultural history coupled with a gorgeous coastline, islands, and rolling hills make it a well-rounded cultural destination. Consider this post a nudge to add the country that’s been voted the happiest country on Earth to your bucket list!


Copenhagen - discover this destination for food, culture, and more

The new era of Danish gastronomy and sustainability

A radical change in Copenhagen’s food scene, Denmark’s cosmopolitan capital,  catalyzed a New Nordic Cuisine movement. In recent years, 12 top chefs converged to put their talents and brains together and created a forward-thinking manifesto. Focused on health, ethics, quality, and sustainability ushered in a new wave of Danish cuisine. This change has turned Denmark into one of Europe’s culinary leaders, notably in the realm of organic, sustainably harvested foods. Fun fact: Danes buy and consume more organic food than anywhere else in the world! You can trust that the food you’ll eat here is fresh and incredibly clean.


Unique environmental and seasonal factors also give Denmark’s food an edge. Thanks to intelligent, intentional harvesting methods combined with a focus on environmental best practices, the raw ingredients themselves are delicious. Unique environmental features, coupled with a focus on sustainability, give Danish terroir a unique edge. For example, cold water temperatures make for its intensely flavorful oysters, and Danish oysters are in such high demand that 90% of them are exported! With coastline and islands galore, it’s a seafood lovers’ delight. 

Traditional Danish classics: sweets, beer, and bread… oh my!

On Delectable Destinations trips, we experience both exciting, new wave cuisine and culinary classics. Some of Denmark’s historic staple foods include pork, potatoes, herring (the seafood here is divine), rye bread, butter, cream, and the national dish: crispy pork served with potatoes and a parsley sauce. It may not be the lightest fare, but it’s prepared with love and fine, fresh ingredients. Additional culinary claims to fame, outside of its widely heralded New Nordic cuisine, include open-faced sandwiches, mouth-watering pastries, and craft beer.

If you have a sweet tooth, consider yourself lucky to be in Denmark. The country is known for its pastries; from “the Danish” (or Wienerbrød, Viennese bread) to Danish Butter Cookies and an aptly named Dream Cake, there’s no shortage of baked goods in which to indulge. One of the better-known pastries is the flødeboller, best described as something akin to chocolate-coated marshmallows. On our trip, we’ll learn the art of making flødeboller from a local chocolatier. Copenhagen is full of artisanal pastry shops and coffee shops, a draw for those who love sweets and caffeination.

Beer is another hit here, and the Danes have been drinking the brew for over 2,000 years. In conjunction with Denmark’s new wave of cuisine is a rise in high-quality craft breweries.

On our trip, we’ll visit the well-known Mikkeller Beer Bar. As mentioned, Denmark is known for its bread, particularly rye. We will have the opportunity to make rye in the charming city of Svendborg, located in the South Funen Archipelago.

Cosmopolitan Copenhagen & Nordic Charm


There are scenes galore in Denmark that appear straight out of a European storybook. Copenhagen is a bustling, colorful city with a wildly rich history and cosmopolitan flair. Its canals are a destination unto itself, and you can get lost wandering its vibrant streets. On our trip, we’ll experience a walking tour that (naturally) stops at storied cafes for those famous pastries (uh em, the Danish) and Torvehallerne, a must-see marketplace filled with Danish delicacies, local seafood, and other specialities. This well-thought-out space opened in 2011 and is a delight for the senses. In addition,
urban adventures will be coupled with fantastic natural food and wine. Imagine enjoying dinner on a rooftop farm, high above the city bustle below. It’s the finest way to experience New Nordic cuisine!


As with all of our trips, along with exploring the culinary scene, we’ll also visit a vineyard for some wine tastings! We always strive to add culture to our offerings and visit some key sites to explore Copenhagen and the countryside.

Delectable Destinations is excited to offer this new destination in Spring 2022. Keep an eye out for booking information.

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