New Beginnings – Preparing our Culinary Tours for 2014

Cooking classes in Umbria - New Beginnings Culinary Tours - Delectable Destinations - Carol KetelsonIt’s hard to believe, but Summer is over and Fall is upon us. Preparations are under way for my upcoming culinary trip to Paris as well as another culinary trip to the Amalfi Coast in October. As always, I’m looking forward to great adventures with two great groups of food lovers!

While preparing for my Spring trips to Italy back in April, I promised myself that upon my return in June, I would be regularly writing my blog and telling everyone about all the wonderful discoveries and destinations I experienced. Well, that certainly was my intention but, as we all know, sometimes life throws you a curve ball and it certainly took the wind out of my sail… sort of speak. I can say, all is well now, and I am back on track, but lots of catching up to do!

Montefiascone, Italy - New Beginnings Culinary Tours - Delectable Destinations - Carol Ketelson

After my scheduled culinary adventures to Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast during the months of May and June, I spent an additional 10 days traveling throughout different regions of Italy. I had the pleasure of discovering the beautiful regions of Umbria, Lazio and Le Marche. Each one truly unique, with it’s own beauty and variety of culinary treasures. Blog posts coming up… promise!

For 2014, I am excited to be adding a new culinary destination. A cooking, wine and cultural trip to Central Italy. Our home base will be in the charming town of Montefiascone, located in the province of Viterbo, in the region of Lazio. Upon arriving in this beautiful town, I felt like I had stepped back in time as if in an old Italian movie… a “secret” Italy, just waiting to be discovered. This ideal location will be extra special as we wine, dine and cook under the Umbria, Lazio and Tuscan sun, all within short drives of each other. A wonderful mixture of three amazing regions and a food and wine lover’s paradise.

Pasta Dish - New Beginnings Culinary Tours - Delectable Destinations - Carol Ketelson

Orvieto wine tasting Italy - New Beginnings Culinary Tours - Delectable Destinations - Carol Ketelson

Another culinary destination in the works is Puglia, the “heel” of Italy. This October, I will be visiting the heart of southern Italy, an area rich in history, culture, food and wine. I look forward to bring you a most delectable week!

There is no doubt Italy is a delight for our senses. I first fell in love, no, not with a man 🙂 but with the country, on my first trip to Italy in 2000 and each time I return, I fall in love again. If you haven’t yet experienced Italy, I hope you will have the opportunity to visit this beautiful, vibrant country, for its warm people, for the food, for the wine, for the spectacular scenery.

I would love to have you join me on one of my upcoming trips in the near future.


Carol Ketelson is the owner and operator of Delectable Destinations LLC. Dedicated to planning, co-ordinating and curating customized group tours to hand-picked destinations. As an experienced travel planner, Carol’s customized itineraries, specialized tours and off-the-beaten-path experiences create memorable journeys for her small groups of singles, couples, divorced, widowed and solo travelers seeking exceptional trips into the culture and cuisine of destinations around the world. Spring and Fall bookings invite travelers to taste delectable local cuisine, culturally rich traditions and mesmerizing sights. For over 10 years, Carol’s tours have captured the true essence of Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Puglia, Spain, Ireland and India.

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