Celebrating Milestones With A Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip to Italy

Wine Toasting With Friends - Celebrating Milestones Italy - Delectable Destinations Culinary Tours - Carol KetelsonThere are milestones reached in life that make you want to celebrate like never before.  For some, this may mean turning 40 or 50 years of age.  For others, it may signify a 25th wedding anniversary or a long-awaited marriage and honeymoon.  Regardless of the milestone, it can be made even more memorable with a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience.  My June 2013 trip to Tuscany, Italy will fulfill this dream for six eager residents of Dallas, Texas as they embark on a special trip together to celebrate their own milestones.

Tuscany is no doubt one of the most popular travel destinations in Italy.  With its rolling countryside dotted with quaint farmhouses and endless olive groves, Tuscany offers some of the best wines in the world.  A trip to Tuscany is one worth savoring…and celebrating for a lifetime.

The rolling hills of Tuscany - Celebrating Milestones Italy - Delectable Destinations Culinary Tours - Carol Ketelson
The rolling hills of Tuscany offer a special charm for visitors. This outstanding landscape features miles and miles of rustic farmhouses, colorful vineyards, and perpetual beauty.

Lisa Heien, a 39-year old mother of two from Dallas agrees.  She is part of the small group joining me in June as they celebrate together in Tuscany.  When her group first contacted me, I knew Tuscany would be the perfect setting for them.

During our first phone call together, Lisa told me, “This year, my husband and our close friends are all turning 40 and we are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversaries. We want to do something big and something adventurous and Italy has always been at the top of our list. However, even though we know what type of vacation experience we want, planning a trip to Italy is overwhelming. Italy has so much to offer and planning every single logistic makes you worry that you are missing some truly outstanding details.”

Lisa’s worries mirror the concerns of so many of my clients. They know what they want but are not sure how to achieve the perfect vacation. Yes, the planning process is long and brutal. Once my guests entrust me with their vacation, my goal is to make sure every single small detail is covered and that they no longer have any worries.

Celebrating in Tuscany

During our 7-day Tuscany journey, we will be blending together a delicious mix of relaxation, cooking and cuisine, wine tastings, and endless culture.  From hilltop medieval towns to the country charm of our villa, I have no doubt that each of my guests will leave with a small piece of their hearts remaining in Tuscany.

Some of the highlights of our trip will include gourmet Tuscan cooking classes where the group can test their culinary skills and learn some of the tricks of the trade. Our Tuscany cooking class, “La Cucina Toscana”, will allow everyone the opportunity to experience Tuscan cuisine through hands-on instruction on how to prepare and cook classic recipes. Once prepared, we will enjoy the fruits of our labor by sipping wine as we take in the magnificent views of the gardens, olive groves and beautiful hills of the Chianti region. We will visit an ancient abbey for wine and olive oil tastings, and spend a evening at a spectacular Agriturismo, in the heart of Chianti, a true farm to fork experience. As well, one cannot come to Tuscany without a visit to Florence. We will enjoy a walking culinary tasting tour, a very special “art” walk at dusk, and enjoy wonderful meals at family run trattorias and some time for the great shopping in Firenze!

Celebrating in Amalfi

The Amalfi Coast of Italy offers equal splendor, for similar celebrations. It is another outstanding location to bring friends and family to in order to commemorate a special time.  I’m excited to be traveling to Amalfi later this year with yet another special group of individuals.  It is here where I will be celebrating my 30 years of friendship with a very close friend, and it will represent the exact location that my husband and I went to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

Celebrating With Friends in Italy - Celebrating Milestones Italy - Delectable Destinations Culinary Tours - Carol KetelsonWhether it’s adventure and romance, culture and cuisine, or a small slice of it all, Italy allows you to celebrate big. These adventures will allow you to look back on your accomplishments and reward yourself in a special way.

My fall 2013 trips to the Amalfi Coast of Italy and Tuscany are not yet full.  If you are looking for a magical way to celebrate that next big milestone in your life, give us a call today and allow us to put the planning in place so that you can celebrate without worry.


Carol Ketelson is the owner and operator of Delectable Destinations LLC. Dedicated to planning, co-ordinating and curating customized group tours to hand-picked destinations. As an experienced travel planner, Carol’s customized itineraries, specialized tours and off-the-beaten-path experiences create memorable journeys for her small groups of singles, couples, divorced, widowed and solo travelers seeking exceptional trips into the culture and cuisine of destinations around the world. Spring and Fall bookings invite travelers to taste delectable local cuisine, culturally rich traditions and mesmerizing sights. For over 10 years, Carol’s tours have captured the true essence of Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Puglia, Spain, Ireland and India.

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