A Timeless Dessert from the Amalfi Coast – Mamma Agata’s Famous Lemon Cake


A timeless dessert from the Amalfi Coast – Mamma Agata’s Lemon Cake Recipe: The Amalfi Coast of Italy is one if the most spectacular places on earth known for its breathtaking beauty, stunning vistas and renowned cuisine. From fresh pastas and local seafood, to sweet delicacies that are sure to sweep you off your feet, the foods … Continued

Mamma Agata’s Spaghetti del Contadino Recipe


Mamma Agata’s Spaghetti del Contadino Recipe As most of you know, I live to travel and love to eat great food and that is one of the main reasons I started Delectable Destinations almost 10 years ago. I can hardly believe that it has been over 17 years ago that I first got my first taste of Italy and the “dolce … Continued

Jodie’s Bucket List Trip to the Amalfi Coast


It has been three years since I returned from my “bucket list trip”and I find myself longing for another unique experience. As I am a diehard follower of Delectable Destinations website, I read all of the blogs and follow upcoming trips, once again looking for the perfect match for my next experience. I felt I … Continued

Why Do We Travel for Food?


Why We Travel for Food I was inspired by an article I came across recently by Helen Rosner for afar.com  http://www.afar.com/magazine/why-we-travel-for-the-food to think about what it means to travel for food. There are a million reasons to travel and there is no reason not to mix those reasons up while traveling. We all do it … Continued

Sometimes RETREAT Is The Best Way To Move Forward


By RACHEL REUBEN At some point in your life, you’ve probably had the thought, or heard someone say, “Whoa, I’ve got to just step back and think about this.” GOOD MOVE! Pausing, stepping back, changing perspective, and reflecting are all part of an instinct for a mental and physical break that can give you the … Continued

Top 5 Reasons to Visit India’s Golden Triangle


Top 5 Reasons to Visit India’s Golden Triangle India carves a deep, lasting impression on any traveler’s mind. Many return home with a new perspective on people, life and the world. Our incredible India trip is designed to entertain, enlighten and engage travelers on this culinary and cultural adventure. India is a land of rich … Continued

Memories of 2016 – The Places We’ve Been – The Places We Will Go


Memories of 2016 – The Places We’ve Been – The Places We Will Go It’s hard to believe another year is coming to a close. The months have flown by – why is that as you get older, time goes by quicker and quicker? Sometimes I think that it’s a good idea to slow down … Continued

Mamma Agata’s Christmas Zeppole Recipe


From Amalfi with Love… Mamma Agata’s Famous Christmas Zeppole Recipe Zeppole di Mamma Agata, this recipe is a favourite treat in Mamma Agata’s home in Ravello, Italy on the beautiful Amalfi Coast. Usually, these deep-fried dough balls can be filled with custard, jam, pastry cream, or a butter and honey mixture, and are almost always topped … Continued

Lemony Tuscan Christmas Cookies


From Tuscany with Love….Lemony Tuscan Christmas Cookies Tuscany is full of surprises. Every season, there is something new and wonderful to experience. Christmas, for example, brings life to holiday markets, street lights strung up in centuries-old piazzas, carol-singing and lots of delicious food! Everyone knows the traditional Italian Christmas treat, panettone, but Italians are also … Continued

Going “Off the Grid” in Florence, Italy


Going “Off the Grid” in Florence, Italy With just a little bit of research, you can experience cities in entirely new ways. Of course, in a city like Florence, you want to see all of the world-famous monuments, paintings, and sculptures. After your done with the on-the-beaten-path tour, go “off the grid” and follow these … Continued


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