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“Travel is an inspirational part of living,” says Carol Ketelson, owner of Delectable Destinations, a travel company dedicated to planning, co-ordinating and curating customized tours to hand-picked destinations. “I invite travel enthusiasts on an epicurean journey into the heart and soul of the people, the culture, the cuisine and the breathtaking landscapes of intriguing lands.”

The Company: For over 15 years, Carol has guided small groups of travellers to countries including Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, India and Bhutan. A Delectable Destinations trip with Carol includes a comprehensive itinerary combining travel and sight-seeing with delightful dining, beautiful accommodations and inspirational leisure time enhanced by breathtaking views.
The Curator: Carol has perfected the formula for a successful trip: small groups; an attentive host; and culinary adventures off the beaten path. Her contacts around the globe include local cooks, internationally-renowned chefs, experienced drivers and personable vineyard owners. All come together to ensure Carol’s clients have a first-class travel experience.

About Carol

The dream destination bucket list. Everyone has one. But with the hustle and bustle of everyday living, it can be a challenge to set dates, book vacation time and plan to embark on that dream trip. Delectable Destinations understands this. That’s why our curator, Carol, makes it her mission to fulfill your dream. She’ll take care of the details while you await your dream trip.

In 2000, Carol ventured to Italy, a destination she had long desired to experience. She landed in Ravello, a small, charming, Amalfi Coast cliffside town which offered more beauty than she could have ever imagined. She immediately felt at home.

The following years provided Carol with new adventures that would enhance her already awestruck state of mind. She visited the romantic canals of  Venice, the winding countryside of Tuscany and the architectural splendors of Rome. Her growing love for southern Italy also led her to discover the magic of Puglia, the scenic terrace views of the Mediterranean Sea and the magnificent cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.

Each trip reinforced Carol’s love for the unsurpassed beauty of the region and her passion for blending culture with the cuisine. Determined to share Italy’s beauty with others, Carol began organizing culinary and cultural trips for friends and family, ensuring the itineraries inspired the senses.

But Carol’s enthusiasm for the cuisine and culture didn’t stop in Italy. Spain, France and India are regularly on her destination list. Beautiful countries devoted to preserving their history and gastronomic delights, providing a unique perspective on native culture, local cuisine and the leisure opportunities to fill the mind, body and soul.

Over the years, Carol has traveled far and wide beyond Italy and it is these particular trips that have sparked new passions within her. Spain is among these destinations - a beautiful country that offers gastronomic delights and endless wonders. She has a unique perspective on native culture, local cuisine and the intimate leisure opportunities that each region has to offer that one simply cannot obtain through books and travel reviews.

In 2008, Delectable Destinations became a reality and proved to be the culmination of Carol’s mission to make dreams come true for travel enthusiasts. Those seeking the perfect blend of culture and cuisine in foreign lands were and still are treated to first-class travel itineraries designed to include sights, sounds and tastes experienced in the quaint kitchens of local cooks and renowned chefs.

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“It was definitely the trip of a lifetime!”

Stacey M., Walnut Creek, CA

“Carol at Delectable Destinations has created a first-class tour and culinary experience.”

Denise R., Leesburg, Virginia

“The journey was an investment in my creativity and very inspirational.”

Heather B, Montreal, Canada

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